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  • A Poem For You

    A Poem For You

    To My Future Client
    Looking at the screen opposite your eyes
    Asking this the guy to stop my cries

    Can he see the lies I tell myself?
    Will he listen? Will I be heard?
    Will I feel Judged? Will he think I’m absurd?

    You know your pain, know it well, wanting help coming out of your shell.
    You’ve come to this site not wanting one more bad day
    This is what I want to say

    It’s ok, it’ll be all right whether you’re reading during the day or in the dead of night.
    Put down the gloves, stop the fight
    At the end of the tunnel there IS a Light

    Your journey will be filled with great insight
    leading to action you’ll pick up traction from week to week
    imagine grinning from cheek to cheek from ear to ear
    dropping the fear you’ve known so long

    Living Your Truth is Not Wrong!!
    Imagine ‘I feel better, I’m doing great’ being your new song