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  • How to Navigate Challenging Life Transitions

    Transitions are part of life. Death, taxes , and transitions are all unavoidable

    As adults, life transitions often create confusion, stress, fear, and self doubt. A common theme for these transitions is loss. Examples include: loss of job, relationship, loved ones, and identity.

    It is in these times when having a guide to help navigate the obstacles which arise is most helpful. Imagine connecting with your inner hero; the part of you who is resilient, resourceful and courageous. Here additional strategies to assist during transitions.

    Slow Down

    As simple as it may sound, slow, deep breaths are a powerful way to tell your body that everything is okay. Right now, your body is in “fight or flight mode,” as you subconsciously, and maybe even consciously, feel you are being attacked. Making time each day to be still, away from the noise and chaos to breathe deeply and slowly, will slow down your heart rate and make you feel calm and peaceful. Lastly, slowing down can help you listen to your own intuition which just seems to know what the best direction for you is.

    Embrace Uncertainty

    When you are able to surrender control and embrace the unknown, you open up the possibility of feeling positive emotions (curiosity, wonder) instead of negative emotions (lost, out of control). The power of the serenity prayer comes to mind, ” Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not control, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.’ Focusing on the things you can control can lesson the burden you may feel during a transition.

    Acknowledge the Cycles of Life


    Someone once said, “This too shall pass.” Life, like weather, has seasons. While you may feel stuck right now and like nothing is going the way you hoped or planned, recognize the truth, which is, this too shall pass. Transitions are just that, an uncomfortable bridge from one part of life to the next.

    Life, such as it is, throws us curve balls and sadness and things that cast fear and doubt into our vision. This is natural and no one escapes. But there ARE ways to navigate these challenges. Try these three tips. And if you’d like additional help along your journey, please get in touch with me.


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