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  • Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter Syndrome

    The term Imposter Syndrome applies to professionals at all levels who doubt themselves despite their ability to do the job well. The phrase actually has been in existence since 1970. At that time clinical psychologists Suzanne Imes and Pauline Clance wrote ” the imposter phenomenon is an internal experience of intellectual phoniness and a persistence feeling of being a fraud.”
    If you tend to overthink become overwhelmed and easily stressed out in the workplace, this phenomenon may apply to you. ” My clients are going to think I’m a fraud! I don’t have enough training. I can’t believe they even offered me the job!” “I just got lucky with my promotion.” ” I am not good enough to be doing this.” Do any of these thoughts sound familiar. If they do, you may struggle with imposter syndrome. Additional symptoms include:

    • A consistent difficulty internalizing successes
    • Sensitive to feedback and anticipates conflict
    • Tend to be ambitious and driven to accomplishing goals
    • Can have difficulties setting boundaries in their workplace
    • Difficulty accepting praise for their accomplishments
    • Questions their abilities despite the positive feedback received from colleagues, peers, family etc
    • A tendency towards being highly critical of their performance
    • Attribute their success to things such as luck and knowing the right people instead of for their skills intelligence and expertise

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