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  • Life Transitions Counseling

    Life Transitions Counseling

    Change is a constant in our lives. Odds are you have experienced significant change in your life. If you are like so many, change may feel like your world has been turned upside down. It is during these times you may go through mourning,  fear, overwhelm, anxiety, and even depression. As your therapist, I will help you learn the necessary coping skills to move through this challenging time in your life

    Examples of Life Transitions:

    Life transitions are personal and quite subjective. A big transition to one person may not feel so challenging to someone else. These transitions can be positive, negative, planned, or sudden. Any transition can, and often does have a strong effect emotionally.  Examples of common life transitions which often effect one’s mental health include:

    • Job changes
    • Health problems
    • Disabling accidents/tragedy
    • Marriage
    • Birth
    • Divorce/Breakups
    • Death
    • Moving
    • Travel
    • Social/ Political changes

    Transitioning Smoothly

    The goal in therapy will be to help you get through your transition using the healthy coping skills acquired in session. Some of the objectives you can expect to learn in our sessions include the following:

    • Accepting change as a natural part of life
    • Reframe thoughts
    • Developing realistic expectations
    • Maintaining a healthy routine
    • Appreciating the benefits of change

    Are you relating? If the answer is yes,  I invite you to reach out and contact me. Lets schedule your initial session today.