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  • Men’s Issues

    Men’s Issues

    If you’re like most men, you are pushing down your feelings possibly even judging yourself for having them. “Just get over it, men aren’t supposed to cry” may be a couple of the thoughts you have had. In fact reaching out to a therapist may have only happened due the urgings of you friends or romantic partner. Your wondering why self discipline and ignoring the problem don’t seem to be working. Sound familiar. You are not alone, and you are in the right place.
    Common men’s issues include:

    • Feelings of emptiness and meaningless
    • Unfulfilled relationships
    • Difficulty with being vulnerable
    • A tendency to suffer in silence
    • Lack of work life balance leading to high levels of stress
    • Difficulty managing their emotions in and out of relationships

    Are you relating? If the answer is yes, I invite you to reach out and contact me. Let’s schedule your initial session today.