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    It took me a while to come to terms with the fact that I needed therapy, and even longer to find a therapist that I clicked with. Michael makes me feel comfortable and safe. But most importantly – he constantly challenges me. You can see how much Michaels cares for his clients and how genuine he is. I am a completely different person from where I started and I am grateful I found Michael to help me begin my healing journey.

    Web Design


    I was not one to gravitate toward therapy in my life but I suffered a traumatic event and needed to talk with someone.
    Michael immediately made me feel comfortable and safe in sharing my inner-most thoughts and I discovered things about myself that I truly never knew – which really helped my healing and coping processes. We covered a broad range of subjects and he had a knack for moving on from things that didn’t really matter and diving into those areas that truly did. He has that ability to key in on and explore those shared experiences that many older men have but rarely talk about with anyone. It was very easy to “click” with Michael even though we were meeting weekly on Zoom, given that the Coronavirus didn’t allow us to meet in person – and I felt that if this guy can connect with me on a screen, which is far more difficult than in person, then I should continue with him, which I did to my benefit. Like I started out saying, this was not a very familiar nor comfortable area for me but if I need to talk with someone in the future, my first call will be to Michael.

    Mitch L


    I have been avoiding therapy for years due to my fear of being completely transparent with someone, especially a stranger. I was very nervous for my first session and didn’t know how effective Teledoc therapy was going to be (I started therapy during COVID). From the first session I had with Michael, he made me feel so comfortable that I completely opened up during that first session. He has helped me with not only my primary reason for going to therapy, which was anxiety, but he has also helped me process so much of my past. I look forward to each session and even find myself saying “I can’t wait to tell Michael” when something happens in between sessions. I never thought I could feel this confident and aware of myself!

    Maria S


    I came to see Michael Berger at a difficult time in my life where balance just seemed impossible. I didn’t like the idea of starting therapy (again) with someone new because I had just not had the best connections on the past and it seemed to never work. However, I decided it was time to open up and really give this time a shot. With this I found myself becoming less anxious, controlling my panic attacks and even talking myself down out of one. All of this was made possible by Michael, his patience with my rants and skepticism as well as compassion with my trauma and triggers has helped me become someone who can live freely without fear of being brought down or controlled by general anxiety. I thank him for everything I have been taught and now know to help me strive in every aspect of health.

    Abigail O
    Medical Field


    When we came to Michael, we were going through a pretty difficult time in our marriage. We had already tried marriage counseling with another therapist, but we were still going days or weeks at a time barely speaking to each other. We really wanted our marriage to work, but even with “trying our hardest,” we couldn’t seem to figure out what we were doing wrong. Michael has been a compassionate, patient and knowledgeable partner in helping us learn to communicate with each other in new ways. From day one, we felt comfortable sharing with him because he is open and calm without passing judgment. We’ve both learned a lot about ourselves and our relationship, healed wounds and gotten to a much happier place in our marriage. We’re very grateful for Michael’s expertise but more importantly, we felt how much he really cared about our success. He has truly been invaluable in helping us not just repair our marriage but making it even better than it was before.

    Ben & Rachel


    As someone who has had various therapists throughout their life, I can tell you that none of them had the impact on my life and mind the way that Michael has. I came to him last year, with a doggy mind and soul. I have battled depression and crippling anxiety for a decade, and I can see the world with so much clarity now. Michael is kind, he creates a safe space to discuss traumas and truly get to the root of the issue. I feel comfortable talking to him about my life, my experiences and traumas; I have been able to see myself and my worth for the first time in a very long time. He pushes me to continue to try and challenge myself and my struggles everyday. I have grown so much over the last year that I have worked with Michael, and look forward to the continued work we will do together.



    I am so thrilled to write this review for Michael As a member representing both the LGBT+ and Black community, I often felt broken and ashamed of my story–especially after witnessing the George Floyd video in the Summer of 2020. I was recommended to contact Mike by a close friend who was familiar with the pain I was experiencing; I am extremely grateful that I took her advice! Thanks to Michael, I have empowered my voice and feel a renewed sense of purpose! I am confident that you will too once you acquire him as your therapist! With joy and gratitude,

    Levani. T
    Insurance Adjustor


    I have been in and out of therapy most of my childhood and adult life. I can easily say that I have yet to meet someone like Michael Berger.
    Working with Michael has been nothing short of a life changing experience.
    In the 4 months since starting therapy sessions, I am finally healing my traumas. So many things have changed for the better.
    I no longer feel trapped in my mind and in the past. I am living my life with focus, clarity and intention. Michael provides a beautiful safe space to not only share your experiences but also to drill down to the core of it and heal it once and for all.
    My life became instantly better after my first session. I quickly began looking forward to our weekly sessions knowing that I had found a mental health professional that truly saw me, my lived experiences, my soul and deeply wished for my healing on every level. If you are looking for someone to gently hold your heart through your healing journey, you have found the right person. I am forever grateful to Michael and wish to continue therapy with him for many years to come.

    Human Resources


    I have gone to several therapists and Michael is the only one who has ever made me feel truly comfortable.
    His in depth of knowledge, understanding and wisdom that he provides is unmatched and has not only helped me personally but my marriage, future and quality of life.
    My husband and I have referred some of our closest friends to him who all cannot say enough about what he does. Thank you Michael for everything that you have done and continue to do.

    Kimberly & Todd


    “I have been working with Mr. Berger on my grief and anxiety challenges. Navigating the complexities of life is challenging; even harder if you try to go it alone. I’m happy to say as result of our work together, Mr. Berger has guided me to a more positive perspective; a life journey forming towards a forward looking future. If you are facing the real life challenges of anxiety, grief, depression or relationship challenges I highly recommend working with Mr. Berger. You will find your truth, and when you do you will see how beautiful it is!”

    Business Owner


    Michael is collaborative and supportive in his own unique approach to working with his clients. He challenges his clients to go through the introspection that can only come from self-reflection while offering a true empathy that speaks volumes about his integrity. He is patient and deliberate in his approach and does not overstep or push his own agenda but works with the individual to confront and be curious about the issues needed for their individual personal development journey. I have great respect for Michael’s professional and caring approach and would highly recommend him as a therapist.