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  • Training, Coaching, & Consulting

    Training, Coaching, & Consulting

    Professional coaching is a collaborative effort focused on creating transformation moving you into action towards your goals.
    As your coach, I draw upon my experience as a corporate trainer, adult educator,and seasoned public speaker to help you achieve your professional and personal goals.

    Leadership & Communication Coaching:

    1-on-1 coaching, twice a month for 4-6months.

    I offer a personalized coaching program focusing on clarifying your values and strengths.In working with me, I will help you tap into your authentic self while enhancing your communication strategies, and improving your ability to influence others.

    Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Coaching:
    1-on-1 coaching, twice a month for 3-6months.

    Public speaking is often described as people’s worst fear. As your coach, I will work to strengthen your skills, improve your mindsets, and move from fear to courage.

    Consulting Services
    I offer organizations training and consulting in the following areas:

    • Team building
    • Debriefing groups
    • Effective communication,
    • Customer Service
    • Leadership Development

    I invite you to reach out and contact me. Let’s schedule your initial consultation today.